Monday 2 May 2016

Here I go again, almost 2 and half years since my last post. Some things have changed but I am still working at Mencap but on  reduced contract of 10 hours. Not that you would know as I did 20 last week. Mom is still with us but needing more help now, has more appointments which is one of the reasons for the reduced contract. The other big reason is that I was working lots of weekends and didn't see much of Les.

Talking of Les he had an accident last September when we were on Holiday in Egypt and fell on his shoulder. That resulted in him being off work for 6 months and having an operation. He is back at work for the moment but don't think he will be able to do it in the long term., Not sure what will happen.

I still make cards and do my cross stitch, have to have some way to relax.

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